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Sometimes Things Just Do Not Work Out

Sometimes Things Just Do Not Work OutLayla Lexington was the type of mujeres bonitas who could do anything she put her mind to. For a brief period Layla wanted to be a porn star. She jumped right into it and started sucking and fucking everyone around, as long as the camera was rolling. Once she realized that she wasn't going to be the next Jenna Jameson she gave up on porn and became a street puta in a small village outside of Caracas. Not everyone can be a movie star, but we can at least enjoy her attempt in this sexy hardcore film.

Coffee With Extra Cream

Coffee With Extra CreamBolivian sex star Cherry Lane was making a piping hot cup of coffee on the set when she realized she did not have enough cream. Everyone knows cafe con leche is made with massive amounts of milk and if she didn't get it her efforts would be wasted. Most Bolivian mujeres casadas know exactly how to work around this quandary, they find the closest dick and pop it into their mouths, stirring it around and around until it spits out the extra cream they need. That's a great way to use natural resources!

Building A Vagina Revolution

Building A Vagina RevolutionCarman Sancha is fed up. She is sick and tired of men not being able to keep up with her demanding pussy. She has complained to other mujeres sexuales and they all agreed - it was time for a vagina revolution.

Rather than take it to the streets like her Cuban ancestors Carman took it to the sheets. She fucked her man until he could barely move and rather than give up and let him go she rolled him over and climbed on top. Carman was so proud she hung her flag on his pole and declared a victory.
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